Illustration Reel 3D Resume


  • 0:00-0:05, 0:42-0:50 Short film in 3D Studio Max and After Effects
  • 0:05-0:18, 0:25-0:28 Short film in progress. Hand drawn in TVPaint, post production in After Effects, check out
  • 0:18-0:25, 0:51-1:00 Short film using animated backgrounds and 3D Camera in 3D Studio Max with animation hand-drawn on top of 3D footage in TV Paint and post production in After Effects.
  • 0:29-0:32 3DS Max four hour speed modelling/rigging/ animation exercise. Just for fun, character design © Nintendo
  • 0:32-0:37 Short film created in Flash
  • 0:37-0:42 Video Game created through a partnership program with Johns Hopkins University. Worked as the sole artist with a programming team to create a game from scratch.

Video Editing and graphics:

  • 1:05-1:36 A personal project where I streamed a "Let's Play" of one of my favorite video games live online, doing live voice acting for the story, then created an edited recording of the live footage to share.
  • Cut and streamlined dozens of hours of my own raw screen-capture footage to improve pacing and create a better viewing narrative
  • Created a template to quickly integrate thousands of viewer comments (recorded as a simple .html text file) into the edited version of the gameplay as animated pop-up bubbles
  • Seamlessly spliced re-recordings of voice acting into original footage including perfect blending of background soundtrack using source audio files and re-timing of original visual footage to sync with new audio using only Adobe Premiere
  • Created additional video edits and animation including title cards, gags, and recurring joke counters.

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